Nyheter 25.05.2022

ALLIANCE+ CSR Report 2021

2021 was yet again an unusual year for a lot of businesses including our own. Although we had to adapt to new processes and changing needs of our customers, we still had a focus on sustainability and our social responsibility throughout the year, and we continued to add a plus to many of our customers.


Today, the 25th of May, ALLIANCE+ publishes our Corporate Social Responsibility report 2021. 

Our CSR work is an integrated part of our business. Once a year, we evaluate and make new targets, but the CSR work is on the agenda every day. It is a way of running our business and a vision of contributing positively to our customers, employees, and the climate. 


In the report, you can read about that 87.5% of our staff restaurants were indeed awarded the “The Bronze Organic Cuisine Label “. Furthermore, you can also read about the changes we made. There were many changes in collaboration with our customers, as we especially created value through flexibility. In addition, In Denmark, ALLIANCE+ got elected ‘Green Buyer of the Year’.

The report follows up on our targets from last year and presents the new targets for 2021 where we will continue to maintain a high-quality level, minimize our impact on the climate, and increase employee engagement. Read more in the report. 

Click here to see the ALLIANCE+ CSR Report 2021

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