Nyheter 10.03.2020

COVID-19 –Informasjon til våre kunder

ALLIANCE+ har revidert våre beredskapsplaner i forhold til å møte utfordringene med COVID-19

Business Continuity Plan COVID-19

Keeping employees of our customers and ALLIANCE+ employees healthy and safe is our most important task in the current COVID-19 circumstances. In this context, we have reviewed our Business Continuity Plan for ALLIANCE+. The following is already in place and is reviewed on an ongoing basis:

Communication to ALLIANCE+ employees

We have issued information and guidelines to all employees regarding: + Risk of travelling and how to behave in case of travel or having travelled + How to best prevent personal infection + What the symptoms are + How the employee must act if infection is suspected + Where they can find updated information from the authorities Further, a clear chain of command is in place in case a customer or an employee reports any issue relating to COVID-19. ALLIANCE+ will continue to coordinate with our customers and keep our employees informed with relevant information and guidelines to minimize spread of the virus. If any employees get infected, we will take all necessary actions in accordance with guidelines issued by national authorities.

Handling the daily operation

Working in smaller autonomous teams at various sites, reduces the risk for the company as a whole. In the current circumstances and in case of an incident with some employees being infected or quarantined, we expect that we will be able to contain it within the affected team only. We also expect that we will be able to maintain normal service delivery through reallocation of resources from other teams. We will in such case do our best to ensure that other colleagues have received appropriate training to comprehensively cover potential absence. This also includes our managers and staff functions.

Offering cleaning service

Cleaning is what we do every day, as such we offer our customers preventive cleaning and disinfection of their office environments, according to the recommendations and guidelines from the relevant authorities. In case of an incident at a customer location, we will coordinate closely with the customer and relevant authorities in regard to following the right guidelines in post-infection cleaning.

Updates on the situation

The situation is being followed closely. Corporate, as well as Operational Contingency Coordination meetings will take place every day until further notice to ensure that the situation is being followed closely and to make sure that guidelines issued by the national authorities are followed at all times.

In case of questions

Please contact your customer manager, if you have any questions relating to COVID-19.

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